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Welcome Home, Animators!

ANIMUX is an absolutely FREE animation based toolset which can handle tasks from creative development to post-production stage of your creative project.

Animux's journey starts in Chapter 1: Genesis (coming into being) trying to provide a tool that will help animators visualize their dreams into creative reality.  It is our coming into being phase in the public conscience, but we have been around for quite sometime doing some incredible things while it was still unknown. Right from chapter 1 of its life, it will strive to adhere to 3 main goals of

  1. Pipeline Integration
  2. Digital Asset/Workflow Management
  3. Infrastructure Efficiencies

In its prologue, Animux has been used to create a DVD with 3D animation for Bassam Kurdali's Mancandy, helped a bunch of animators from around the world to participate in a 48 hour film project, creating a 5 minute 3D animation short in 48 hours.  We are curretly working on an animation short called "Prince Harming to Prince Charming" to test our pipeline and tools included in animux. 

The people behind "Animux" are right now working on "ADAM" the  "Animation Digital Asset Manager" which will help animators manage assets and workflows that help in easy pipeline integration.

We hope that you would hang around to see this absolutely free software called "Animux" mature into something valuable to both novice and professional animators.

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