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There are 4 easy ways to receive help on Animux.

  • Forums

Register into our forums, if this is first time on the website or using Animux and post a question there. We constantly monitor the monitor and answer the questions posted there. We also appreciate posting anything valuble information that the community could use in the forums.

To get the forums, go to

  • Chatroom

Chat with us in our chatroom. We usually are present in the Animux chatroom, to answer your questions on Animux. We recommend that you post your question on the forum, before you come and ask for help. This will help track the problem and solutions, for others to be able to benefit from it.  Please feel free to join us in our chatroom, if you just want to hang-out with us, or you want to be introduced to Animux, or have a question about an existing post on the forum.

To get the chatroom, you can click on the "chatroom" link at the bottom of the page or directly at . You can also use the "Pidgin" application in Animux to connect to the chatroom.

Getting Help using Pidgin Chatroom Client

  • Bug Tracker

The bugtracker will soon be online. Right now we have a bugzilla instance running in our local development environment, where the volunteer developers have access to it. We are working on creating a "open to public" bug tracker, which should be fully functional in the first week of June,2009.

You can get to it at

  • Website/Blog

Animux website and blogs are also a good place to find documentation on tasks that can be/need to be accomplished on Animux. As time goes by, the content on the site will continue to grow.

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