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You are the visionaries, who envision what the animation industry will look like in the years to come and prepare/execute a plan to get us there ahead of time. The leaders is an expert in Administrative, Creative, Technicial fields. Some of you are expert in more than one fields (awesome!), some in one (awesome!).

Do I fit the role?

We have been asked what type of person would excel in this role. If you answer to any one of the below questions is an "YES", then you fit the bill perfectly.

  • Based on the tasks mentioned in the "Administrative, Creative, Technical" volunteer list, Do you think you excel in any single one of those tasks?
  • Do you have years of experience in the field of animation?
  • Have you worked on an animation project using open source tools?
  • Have lead the creation of open-source tools?
  • Have you helped run a non-profit organization?

Leadership Tasks

  • Forming a workable animation production pipeline to help complete animation projects
  • Lead/Guide in development tools/scripts/workarounds in Animux which help complete animation projects.
  • Lead/Guide us in our effort in the building the absolutely free Animation Digital Asset Manager (ADAM).
  • Coloborate in creating open content that benefits the community as a whole.
  • Lead/Guide Animux Foundation to work towards 501C3 status.

Tools of their trade

  • Experience (in the area of expertise)
  • Reputation
  • Lead by example
  • Motivate the team while always remembering to be part of the team
  • Clarity in vision and thought
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