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If the creative team were the Beethovan's, you are the piano makers. Without you the creativity of the creative team would be locked in their heads, with no way to realize them. You are the humble genius of the planet, whose works makes the creative team look good and get those accolades, while never craving, but always sharing the lime light.

Do I fit the role?

We have been asked what type of person would excel in this role. If your answer to any one of the below questions is an "YES", then you fit the bill perfectly.

  • Do Spend 50% or more on Linux and feel yourself at home in it?
  • Do you possess C/C++/make/scons medium/high skill level?
  • Do You hold a day job as a Linux/FreeBSD (or other flavours of Unix) administrator job?
  • Do you have an active "how-to" blog on Linux/FreeBSD (or other flavors of Unix)?
  • Do you like/tolerate debugging issues with software?
  • Do you love to learn/wanting to learn Linux/programming under the guidance of some very skilled people?
  • Have you contributed to any open-source project in any fashion (code/docs/tester)?
  • Have you ever compiled the Linux Kernel/Drivers?

Technical Tasks

  • Code Compilation (C/C++) with make, scons
  • Packaging software for deployment in distro (currently using deb, rpm packages to start shortly)
  • System Adminstration (renderfarm management, mass deployment, version control, software config)
  • Python, PERL, Java programming to be used for Animation Digital Asset Manager (ADAM)
  • Scripting to automate repetable tasks in Animux
  • Guide junior system administrators to become as proficient as the skilled admins
  • Debugging system issues in Animux distro, development environment
  • Complete unit testing for Animux after software packages deployed into distro
  • Kernel/Driver building

Tools of their Trade

  • C/C++
  • make or scons
  • Debian
  • Linux Kernel (Vanila/Xen)/Driver
  • Python/PERL/Shell Scripts for customization scripts, automating jobs etc
  • Linux OS
  • Java/XML (XSL optional)
  • Apache Web Server/Farmer Joe/Dr.Queue
  • Virtualization
  • All the software that comes with Animux
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