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Work on Animation (Animux) Digital Asset Management has been underway. This is the place where you can find update status on this project.


  • Mark with 14 years of IT experience works as a DAM wrangler for one of the world's largest digital asset owners.
  • John with over 25 years of IT experience most of it in maintaining DAM tools for fortune 500 companies.
  • Joe has been coding for 3D software since the age of 11. He has a indepth knowledge of internal workings of the most popular 3D software in the world.
  • Nathan has been working on his DAM tool for a few years now.
  • Ton is the chief advisor on this project.
  • Luxie and Satish have worked for fortune 500 companies maintaining their DAMs. The wealth of knowledge from experience on "what works and what wont" will get us a tool that does not repeat the same mistakes some of the most existing DAMs have made.

Help us

Help us deliever this GPLed project by volunteering some time on this project. Our goal is to release this GPL software ASAP with our current resources.

We will soon put the list of additional skills we are looking for.

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