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The administrative volunteer is the glue that hold's the project together.  They are the unsung heros of the project, but with out them, the project could come unglued. And Animux will need a whole lot of them.

Do I fit this role?

We have been asked what type of person would excel in this role. If you answer to any one of the below questions is an "YES", then you fit the bill perfectly.

  • Are you a news junkie or professional web surfer?
  • Are you an activist, organizer who yearns to make peoples life better?
  • Have you been complimented by the people who know as meticulous planner?
  • Do you pride yourself with being the most thorough editor?
  • Do you maintain websites that use mediawiki, wordpress or joomla?
  • Your mailbox is always under 5 emails at end of the day, because you have responded or filed them appropriately? (We desperately need you!)
  • Are you person whose warm and inclusive personality has made you a human magnet?

Administrative Tasks

  • Help with our communication plans
  • Organize meetings, events etc
  • Maintain .animux.org (which uses mediawiki, wordpress, SMF)
  • Communicate on behalf of animux to the audience
  • Advise novices on "what is animux?"
  • Editors/wordsmiths for our blogs, wikis, manuals
  • Research on better's ways to animate

Tools of their trade

  • W3 languages
  • Mediawiki
  • Wordpress
  • Gmail/google
  • Abiword/Open Office
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