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A bunch of volunteers like you have made Animux possible. It is there volunteers passion for animation and a drive and determination to be part of a good cause.  We at Animux salute these people for their tireless effort to help us make something we could use. 

At Animux we have categorized our volunteers into 4 groups based on the classification of our needs.


We have an immediate need for

Our "Immediate" Need
Volunteer Category Title Short Description Duration
Administrative Wiki Administrator Mediawiki administration to be able to handle change our wiki skins, add users, set up wiki navigation, apply extensions to our wiki. Troubleshoot wiki issues with help. 1 hr/wk
Administrative Blog Administrator Wordpress blog administrator to be able to handle general administrative tasks on our wordpress blogs. 1 hr/wk
Administrative Project Manager A PMP to help us in managing our ADAM project 1 hr/wk
Administrative Communication  Head Takes up the lead on communicating with developers, other volunteers and our audience. Good written skills with abundance of patience recommended. 1 hr/wk
Creative Techinical Writer Helps Animux write our Techinical Guide with the help our Subject Matter Experts (SME). 1-2 hrs/wk
Technical Forum Gatekeeper General understanding of Linux. Decypher the cryptic, short messages of our techinical guru's to the novices on our forums. 2 hrs/wk
Leader Creative Play devil's advocate on our proposed pipeline 2 hrs/mo

Who can volunteer?

Anyone who can spare 1 to 2 hours a week with the skills that we seek. You will join a group of brilliant people who are helpful to bring you upto speed if you think you may be soft on the skills.

How you can apply to be a volunteer?

Please email us at volunteer@animux.org with details on how we can get in touch with you and set you up with the access that you will need.

Volunteer commitment 

As we will be working in a team, we sincerely request that you communicate with us your availablility on a particular project or task.  Most of volunteer posts require no more than 1 hour a week of your time and we would be available to help you during that time.

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