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Prince Harming to Prince Charming is a 8 to 9 minute animation short that will be build entirely using the Animux pipeline. which is based on completely free/open source software that is included in the Animux toolset which can be downloaded from the download section of animux site.


This animation short puts the together the 7 steps a guy has to do to get from “Hello” to “I do”. It is a story about how a Turkey (the ordinary guy role – also one of the ugliest birds in the world- most guys will identify with it), trying to woo (the girl) a Peahen. He is competing with a peacock (the other guy – considered one of the mosts beautiful birds on the planet) for her attention and affection. Hence using this witty love triangle, we would like to educate the masses (boys/men/the simple) how to successfully play the oldest sport “LOVE”.


Turk (Turkey), is a romantic at heart. Looking and longing for love he subscribes to an on-line dating service. One midnight, his days of wait finally end when the patented matching system finds the perfect match in a distant land. Puts up everything he owns on ebay and sells it by morning to relocate, leaving behind his lonely life.

Into his car, with GPS stuck on his window, gets to the distant land where the only birds are Peacocks and Peahens, the kind that look down upon anything that is hideous looking. Turk realizes his perfect match Bella is a beautiful Peahen and someone who could never be interested in him. To make things worse, the city's most-eligible bachelor, "The Real Pavo", is head over heals on Bella. Bella is intelligent & independent in thought and action trying to restart the only school for girls in the city. Not like the other hens, who chase after the most-eligible bachelor, popular, or who can dance. She wants someone whose sense of appeal is more than a basic dance move.

Turk, desperately wants to woo her. But he knows, he needs help. Desperate with very little money in his pocket, buys a book out of the “Straight to garbage” section of the book store, called “Prince Harming to Prince Charming” by Yubiy (Yubiy pronounced You-Be) Casanova. . The book is a 1000 pages, wordy, filled with misinformation. However, the abridged version is easy enough for Turk to decipher. Turk uses ot to guide himself to success while competing with Pavo who is winging it at the same task and fails. After success from each step, Turk begins to looking more prince charming than prince harming to Bella.


Story Concept         : Mark Puttnam 
Story/Script          : Robin Trombley/Mark Puttnam 
Character Design      : Luis Gadea
Character Development : Paula Decanini
T. D.                 : Daniel Salazar 
Story Boarding        : Emily Cawthon, Miyi Millili
Modeling              : Daniel Salazar, Jeff Hipolito
Details in coming soon on our blog
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