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You are the reason we have undertaken this effort to create Animux. We want you to be able to create the next great masterpiece using the Animux absolutely free animation production pipeline. You inspire everyone on the team bringing to life your imagination which we crave to so much.

Do I fit the role?

We have been asked what type of person would excel in this role. If you answer to any one of the below questions is an "YES", then you fit the bill perfectly.

  • You are an independent film-maker aspiring to make a short or feature length(awesome!)
  • You are a creative arts student working towards a BFA/MFA in animation (or any other art form)
  • You are a school student who thinks/knows/wants to become an animator
  • You are a teacher/professor of arts in a school/college/university guiding the next creative genius
  • You are an entrepeneur who is running a studio meetings the demands of your customer
  • You are an hobbyist/self-taught amateur animator/video editor/sound engineer with a passion for favorite art form

Creative Tasks

  • Using the tools provided in Animux to complete creative (animation, audio/video) projects
  • Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Compositing ...etc on projects
  • Sound Engineering
  • Concept Development, Storyboarding, Script writing
  • Character Development, Environment/Set Development
  • Non-Linear Video Editing, Video Composition, Special Effects (FX) work
  • 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Stop Motion Animation work
  • 2D/3D Game Development
  • Animation Production Pipeline Development, Workflow Development, Production Planning 

Tools of their trade

  • Blender (for 3D Graphics/Animation)
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • MakeHuman
  • 8 Renderers (Blender, Yafray, Aqsis, Pixie, Lux ...)
  • Celtx
  • NLV Editors (Cinelerra, Jahshaka)
  • Sound Engineering (RoseGarden, Audacity, Ardour, Rezound)
  • Camera Tracking (using Voodoo)
  • All the animation tools that comes with Animux
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