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Our Board of Advisors

Name Bio Role
Ton Rosendaal Chairman of Blender 3D ( Advising  the project lead on all aspects of our project
Bassam Kurdali Director of " Elephants Dream" first open animation movie ( For guiding us in pick & choose applications needed by a world class animator into Animux
Jason Van Gumster Author of "Blender for Dummies" & Executive Producer/Director for HandTurkey Studios. ( Helping us refine Animux to meet the needs to demands of his global team.
John W
With over 25 years in IT experience working for fortune 500 companies. 
Helped us with by providing us with a lots of  patches, workarounds & windows installation process.
Satya I An MBA graduate, with experience of handling 100's of Million dollar bugdet projects. Leads the effort of putting Animux on a self-sustainenance path.
Vijayakrishnan Velayudan An incredibly gifted marketing genius & a visionary guided by practicality.  His  creativity with colors makes anything look good. Leading the effort of creating an Animux Brand. Guides the technical team during the Animux interface development.
Brad Sniderman Over 10 years practicing Law in California, USA focusing on Intellectual Property, Business, Commercial & Corporate Law. ( Leads the effort in keeping us in compliance.

Every step of our way they have been guiding us in making the project an asset for a passionate animator.  Their years of experience in the field of their expertise has benefit the project by getting things right the first time and reducing rework. They also identify the immediate needs of an animator which we use to priortize our accomplishment list. 

Our Volunteers

Volunteer Group
Fotis Beautiful web template that is incredibily easy to port to wiki, blog and website.
Devang Parikh Work as project planner/manager on Animux, ADAM and other projects.
Paul Gu
Customizing the web template to mediawiki.
Team Dffrnt
Awesome Logo redesign & OS GUI design
His strong C skills made it possible to compile packages for 32/64bit and PPC architecture.

Kiran Patel Genius of C programmer who successfully compiled everything we threw at him.

Mikhail I Linux GURU who is part of the core team of Animux. He is also technical co-lead on the project.  mike--hidden--com Technical
Cristinel Calugarita Versatile Unix system admininstrator whose expertise in clustering, network security we have been able to use to for Animux & to secure our network. Technical

           Animux appreciate the effort put in by these volunteers from across the globe to make Animux a tool that will benefit the animator population. With their attitude of no tasks to small, no problem too hard to solve, their passion had lead through many a break through that has inspired us to continue on this incredibly difficult task of proving an absolutely free tool set for animators in Animux.

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